Residential Property Auctions: Next Auction Dates

Listed below are the majority of UK Residential Property Auctions and next Residential Property Auction dates. Click on the column heading to sort by that column eg "Residential Property Auctions", click again to reverse the order. To view the details for a particular property auction click on the link for the property auction house name.

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Residential Property Auctions
Auction Date
Cottons England M 14-Jul-15  
John Earle and Son England M 14-Jul-15  
Pugh and Co. Ltd (Leeds) England N 14-Jul-15  
Sharpes England N 14-Jul-15  
Wright Marshall Property England N 14-Jul-15  
Pearsons England S 14-Jul-15  
Barnett Ross England SE 14-Jul-15  
Iam-sold (The East Midlands Property Auction) England E 15-Jul-15  
JH Walter England E 15-Jul-15  
Pygott and Crone England E 15-Jul-15  
Auction House (Gloucestershire) England M 15-Jul-15  
Fisher German (Chester) England M 15-Jul-15  
HEB England M 15-Jul-15  
Howkins and Harrison England M 15-Jul-15  
Penny Cuick (Birmingham) England M 15-Jul-15  
Eddisons (London) England N 15-Jul-15  
Hunters England N 15-Jul-15  
Regional Property Auctioneers England N 15-Jul-15  
Allsop (Residential) England S 15-Jul-15  
Dedman Gray England S 15-Jul-15  
Country Property England W 15-Jul-15  
Clough & Co North Wales 15-Jul-15  
Darlows Wales 15-Jul-15  
Herbert R Thomas Wales 15-Jul-15  
Loveitts England M 16-Jul-15  
Miller Metcalf England N 16-Jul-15  
Pugh and Co. Ltd (Manchester) England N 16-Jul-15  
Scargill Mann and Co England N 16-Jul-15  
Sutton Kersh England NE 16-Jul-15  
Austin Gray England S 16-Jul-15  
Woods Homes England SW 16-Jul-15  
McCartneys England W 16-Jul-15  
John Francis (Carmarthen) Wales 16-Jul-15  
Fidler Taylor and Co England M 20-Jul-15  
Andrews & Robertson England SE 20-Jul-15  
Graham Penny Auctions (Derby) England M 21-Jul-15  
Mark Jenkinson and Son England N 21-Jul-15  
Auction House North East England NE 21-Jul-15  
Athawes England SE 21-Jul-15  
Venmore Thomas and Jones England W 21-Jul-15  
Durrants England E 22-Jul-15  
Goldings England E 22-Jul-15  
Bagshaws Residential England M 22-Jul-15  
Copelands England M 22-Jul-15  
Countrywide Property Auctions (Sheffield) England M 22-Jul-15  
Fisher German (Bromsgrove) England M 22-Jul-15  
Auction House Blundells England N 22-Jul-15  
Auction House South Yorkshire England N 22-Jul-15  
Cumbrian Properties Auctions England N 22-Jul-15  
Edward Mellor Auctions England N 22-Jul-15  
Auction House Mansbridge & Balment England S 22-Jul-15  
Auction House Surrey England S 22-Jul-15  
Lambert and Foster England S 22-Jul-15  
Auction House Devon and Cornwall England SW 22-Jul-15  
Hollis & Morgan England SW 22-Jul-15  
Stags England SW 22-Jul-15  
Iam-sold (The West Midlands Property Auction) England W 22-Jul-15  
Nock Deighton England W 22-Jul-15  
Auction House East Anglia England E 23-Jul-15  
TW Gaze England E 23-Jul-15  
Auction House Cumbria England N 23-Jul-15  
Boultons England N 23-Jul-15  
Feather Smailes and Scales England N 23-Jul-15  
Iam-sold (The West Yorkshire Property Auction) England N 23-Jul-15  
Brendons Auctioneers England SE 23-Jul-15  
Clive Emson (Kent & SE London) England SE 23-Jul-15  
Countrywide Property Auctions (Exeter) England SW 23-Jul-15  
Sunderlands & Thompsons England W 23-Jul-15  
Wilsons Auctions (Dalry) Scotland 23-Jul-15  
Halls England M 24-Jul-15  
Metcalf's England NW 24-Jul-15  
Clive Emson (Sussex & Surrey) England SE 25-Jul-15  
Iam-sold (The North Lincolnshire Property Auction) England E 28-Jul-15  
Pattinson (North East) England NE 28-Jul-15
Clive Emson (Hampshire & IOW) England S 28-Jul-15  
Maggs and Allen England SW 28-Jul-15  
Barnard Marcus England 29-Jul-15  
Iam-sold (The East Yorkshire Property Auction) England E 29-Jul-15  
Auction House Stephenson & Son England N 29-Jul-15  
Andrew Craig England NE 29-Jul-15  
Pattinson (Lancashire) England NW 29-Jul-15  
Auction House Berkshire England S 29-Jul-15  
Romans England SW 29-Jul-15  
W.A. Barnes England M 30-Jul-15  
Agents Property Auction England NE 30-Jul-15  
J W Wood England NE 30-Jul-15  
Kimmett & Roberts England NE 30-Jul-15  
Iam-sold (The North West Property Auction) England NW 30-Jul-15  
Meller Braggins England NW 30-Jul-15  
Nesbits England S 30-Jul-15  
Countrywide Property Auctions (London) England SE 30-Jul-15  
Phillips Smith and Dunn England SW 30-Jul-15  
Wilsons Auctions (Mallusk) Ireland N 30-Jul-15  
Symonds and Sampson (Sherborne) England S 31-Jul-15  
BRG Gibson Auctions (Belfast) Ltd Ireland N 2-Aug-15  
Drewery and Wheeldon England E 4-Aug-15  
Pattinson (Midlands) England M 4-Aug-15
Future Property Auctions Scotland 4-Aug-15  
All Wales Auction (Cardiff) Wales S 4-Aug-15  
Graham Watkins England N 5-Aug-15  
Pattinson (Yorkshire) England N 5-Aug-15
Dawsons Wales 5-Aug-15  
Auction House Birmingham and The Black Country England M 6-Aug-15  
Edwards Moore England M 6-Aug-15  
Iam-sold ( The Great North Property Auction ) England N 6-Aug-15  
Fox & Sons England S 6-Aug-15  
Harman Healy England SE 6-Aug-15  
Strakers England SW 6-Aug-15  
Paul Fosh Wales 6-Aug-15  
Michael CL Hodgson England NW 7-Aug-15  
Butters John Bee England M 10-Aug-15  
Richard Turner and Son England N 12-Aug-15  
Auction House Hertfordshire and West Essex England S 12-Aug-15  
Graham Penny Auctions (Leicester) England M 13-Aug-15  
Iam-sold (The South Yorkshire Property Auction ) England N 13-Aug-15  
Auction House Beds and Bucks (Robinson and Hall) England M 14-Aug-15  
Leonards England E 18-Aug-15  
Greenslade Taylor Hunt (Taunton) England SW 18-Aug-15  
Auction House Hull & East Yorkshire (Dee Atkinson & Harrison) England E 19-Aug-15  
Iam-sold (The Midlands Property Auction) England M 19-Aug-15  
Ross Harper Property Auctions ltd Scotland 20-Aug-15  
Robin Jessop England N 26-Aug-15  
Harry Ray & Company Wales 26-Aug-15  
Rook Matthews Sayer England NE 27-Aug-15  
Auction House Cheshire and North East Wales England NW 2-Sep-15  
CP Bigwood England M 3-Sep-15  
Savills (Nottingham) England M 3-Sep-15  
Strettons England SE 7-Sep-15  
Auction House Manchester England N 8-Sep-15  
Auction House West Yorkshire England N 8-Sep-15  
Eddisons (Manchester) England N 8-Sep-15  
Graham Penny Auctions (Nottingham) England N 8-Sep-15  
Seel and Co Wales 8-Sep-15  
Swindells England E 9-Sep-15  
Parsons Son and Basley England S 9-Sep-15  
Allsop (Irish Auction) Ireland S 9-Sep-15  
SVA Scotland 9-Sep-15  
Clee Thompkinson Francis Wales 9-Sep-15  
Hinson Parry England M 10-Sep-15  
Bramleys England N 10-Sep-15  
Eddisons (Leeds) England N 10-Sep-15  
Tudor Network Auctions England SE 10-Sep-15  
Greenslade Taylor Hunt (Ilminster) England SW 10-Sep-15  
John Amos England W 10-Sep-15  
Derek Spires England M 14-Sep-15  
John Pye Auctions England N 15-Sep-15  
Auction House Richard Greener England M 16-Sep-15  
Andrew Kelly England N 16-Sep-15  
Miller and Son England SW 17-Sep-15  
Iam-sold (The Connacht Property Auction) Ireland 17-Sep-15  
Astleys Wales 18-Sep-15  
Cheffins England E 23-Sep-15  
Shonki Brothers England M 23-Sep-15  
Smith and Sons England NE 23-Sep-15  
Tayler and Fletcher England W 23-Sep-15  
Aldreds England E 24-Sep-15  
Gascoigne Halman England N 24-Sep-15  
Bowen Son and Watson England NW 24-Sep-15  
Besley Hill England SW 24-Sep-15  
Luscombe Maye England SW 24-Sep-15  
Auction House South West Wales FBM Wales SW 24-Sep-15  
Brown and Co (Residential) England E 29-Sep-15  
Hair and Son Ltd England S 30-Sep-15  
William H Brown Property Auctions - Leeds England NE 1-Oct-15  
Iam-sold (The Munster Property Auction) Ireland 1-Oct-15  
MS Auctions (London) England S 5-Oct-15  
Hobbs Parker England SE 7-Oct-15  
McHugh and Co England SE 7-Oct-15  
Symonds and Sampson (Axminster) England S 8-Oct-15  
All Wales Auction (Anglesey) Wales N 8-Oct-15  
Wilsons Auctions (Dublin) Ireland S 21-May-25  
Hollier Browne England M TBA  
John German England M TBA England N TBA  
Codys England N TBA  
Penrith Farmers' and Kidd's England N TBA  
SHP England N TBA  
Auction House Atkinson & Keene England S TBA  
Auction House Thames Valley England S TBA  
Clifford Dann England S TBA  
Seldons England SW TBA  
Baker Wynne and Wilson England N TBA  
Elder and Twells England M TBA  
Willmotts England SE TBA  
G Herbert Banks England W TBA  
Harrison Coward England N TBA  
Gwilym Richards and Co England NE TBA  
John Goodwin England W TBA  
R G and R B Williams Wales TBA  
Whittaker and Biggs England N TBA  
Clarke and Simpson England E TBA  
Andrew Grant England SW TBA  
George F White England N TBA  
Fisher Wrathwall England NW TBA  
Auction House Newton Fallowell England E TBA  
Screetons England N TBA  
Shobrook England SW TBA  
Brearley Greens England N TBA  
Main and Main England N TBA  
Lodge and Thomas England SW TBA  
Walker Singleton England N TBA  
Marshs Auctioneers Ireland S TBA  
Auction House Coventry and Warwickshire England M TBA  
Mon Properties Wales N TBA  
Arnolds Keys England E TBA  
Auction House South Essex England SE TBA  
Salter McGuinness England SE TBA  
Moore Allen and Innocent England W TBA  
Drivers Norris England SE TBA  
Martin and Pole England SW TBA  
Kivells England SW TBA  
Pugh & Co (Newcastle) England NW TBA  
Clarke Gammon Wellers England SE TBA  
Brightwells England W TBA  
Tom Spillane and Co Ltd Ireland S TBA  
Fox Grant England S TBA  
Griffiths & Charles England M TBA  
Boot and Son England M TBA  
Hawkesford England M TBA  
K Stuart Swash England M TBA  
Bill Jackson England W TBA  
Bury and Hilton England M TBA  
BRG Gibson Auctions (Dublin) Ltd Ireland S TBA  
Greenslade Taylor Hunt (Lympsham) England SW TBA  
Michael Poole England NE TBA  
Jones Peckover Wales TBA  
Wilsons Auctions (Portadown) Ireland N TBA  
Iam-sold (The Leinster Property Auction) Ireland TBA  
Iam-sold (The Northern Ireland Property Auction) Ireland TBA  
Auction House East Kent Miles & Barr England SE TBA  
Brights England SW TBA  
Andrew Morris England W TBA  
Keane Mahony Smith Ireland S TBA  
Palmer Auctioneers Ireland S TBA